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Gospel Ministries for the Deaf (GMD) is a 501(c)(3) organization established by Educators and Ministers of the Deaf. GMD was established in 1971 under the direction of visionary, Bill Erickson. Currently GMD's activities are directed by a Board of Directors which include Robyn Brown - NWCCD Director and Naomi Pfnister who leads the Patterned Language education and development, missions and the work of the Director.  Since GMD’s founding, it has been active in establishing fellowships for the Deaf, establishing ministry training programs in the USA and abroad, training mission teachers for the Deaf as well as the continuing work of NWCCD and Patterned Language.


For more information you may contact Naomi Pfnister at:

Gospel Ministries for the Deaf
P. O. Box 21011
Salem OR 97307
(503) 390-2400   

Naomi Pfnister

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